This contract confirms the agreement for each of the members associated with Urgentransit Corp, who will receive a physical contract and an identification badge with a number that will accredit them as shareholders of the company. This contract is subject to a policy and an agreement for both parties. Shareholder members act as independent subcontractors and have the ability to access their benefits within the company every 10 years, provided that the company is operating at its maximum capacity.

The company has established that the first 2,000 members who join the project will receive a 10% stake in the second platform, known as Crypto Ride. The real name of Crypto Ride will remain confidential for security reasons and will be disclosed once it has been properly regulated. The second group of 3,000 members who join as shareholders of the company will also receive a 5% stake in this project. The company will have a maximum of 5,000 shareholder members, all of whom are licensed drivers by the Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) of the state of New York.

Each shareholder member will be able to use their shares within the company after their contract has expired, and if they wish, they can sell them to the company, which will acquire these shares. After 10 years have passed, the shareholder member will have the freedom to exercise their rights within the company at any time.

Urgentransit Corp will allocate 40% of the stake to the 5,000 active members within the company. This will operate as follows: for example, if the company’s value amounts to $900,000,000 billion and is divided among the 5,000 shareholder members, each will receive $180,000, in addition to their stake in Crypto Ride Company.

The cost to become a shareholder member of Urgentransit Corp will be a one-time payment of $40.00. If you decide not to maintain your membership within the first 5 years, you will be reimbursed the $40.00 payment. If 5 years have passed and the company is operating at its maximum capacity, you will receive the current value of the company at that time. For instance, if the company has a value of $5,000, each shareholder member will receive $1,000, as there are 5,000 active members.

The benefits of being a shareholder member include exemption from base fees and payment for your work at a rate between 85% and 95%. For example, if a call generates $100, you will receive $95, while the remaining $5 will be allocated to a shared fund over a period of 10 years, with 60% being reinvested in the company to maintain its operations and development.

One of the most significant benefits is that the company can provide taxi insurance at a fixed rate without changes. If the shareholder member pays $400.00 USD for their auto insurance and has no accidents during the year, the company will reimburse 30%. This means that if your insurance policy is valued at $4,800.00 USD per year, you will receive $1,440.00 for not having had any accidents during the year.